After The Clans

After ThunderClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan four new Clans take over the forest. They are IceClan, StormClan, BreezeClan, and NightClan.
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 A Pointless Battle

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A Pointless Battle

Shadow dashed outside, her collar's bell jingling as she ran. Her Twoleg slammed the door shut. She hopped on top of the fence that separated her from her neighbor. She wrinkled her nose at the scent of Duke, the very territorial and vicious kittypet next door. Suddenly, a deep, threatening growl sounded from the bushes. Duke... She thought. He jumped up with claws extended and tackled her off the fence. "I thought you knew the fence is mine." He hissed in her face. "The fence does not belong to you." She countered. She scrabbled at his belly and finally threw him off. "You have until sunrise to figure out your border..." He growled, and to make his point clear he left his scent on a tree at the corner of her yard before leaving.

The next day when she walked out into her backyard she found the large black tabby tom waiting for her. "You didn't mark your territory, so it's mine now." He hissed. "What?!? You can't do that!!!" She meowed, immediately shutting her mouth because of the stench. "Yes I can and I just did." He said. She leaped on him. "This is my yard and you can't take it from me." She hissed. She swiped at his muzzle as he kicked her off of him. He growled and lunged for her throat... She gasped and dashed away, then suddenly felt claws at her spine and a crushing weight. "You started this Shadow, now leave or I will finish it." He threatened. "Never! You can't make me leave my home for no reason!" She mewled and managed to flip over and batter his belly with her hind paws. He got off of her and stood up shaking his pelt which sent little scarlet droplets all over the grass. "You have three days to leave, or else..." He growled.

With the third day ariving, Shadow's exile weighed heivily in her mind. I can't just leave my Twolegs, they will be lost without me... but it would mean seeing the forest and i've never really felt wanted here... but I cannot let Duke win.... I just can't... She thought. When Duke showed up she was ready for him. She sat down calmly and curled her tail around her paws. "Duke." She growled. "Shadow." He hissed. "Why haven't you left yet?" He demanded. "This battle is pointless and you know it. If you want to get hurt over a stupid fence then fine, but leave me out of it." She glared at him. He stood up, looming over her. "It's my fence, and I will protect it with my life." He hissed, his hot, stinking breath in her face. Shadow rolled her eyes. "The fence belongs to no one, have you ever seen anyone else argue about something as simple as this?" She asked. He growled. Backing up a little, he pounced on her. She yowled in alarm and tried to get a good hold on him with her claws and teeth. He bent down, about to bite her neck, but he bit down on the clasp of her collar instead. Now free of it, Shadow pushed Duke off of her. "Fine! If you want the stupid fence, have it! But from now on I am not a kittypet, I am a warrior, and I will known as Shadowheart." She said confidently. She had heard many stories about the Clans from her father who had taught her how they think and act. "And if I ever see you on Clan territory, you will be shredded." She vowed before dashing up the fence and out into the forest.

Hailstar, Leader of IceClan
Jayfight, Warrior of BreezeClan
Shadowheart, Warrior of StormClan
Thunderpelt, Warrior of NightClan
Twilight, Loner
Flare, Loner
Shade, Rogue
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A Pointless Battle
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