After The Clans

After ThunderClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan four new Clans take over the forest. They are IceClan, StormClan, BreezeClan, and NightClan.
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 Deputy Ceremony

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PostSubject: Deputy Ceremony   Deputy Ceremony EmptyThu Apr 17, 2014 11:36 am

The golden leader of Breezeclan climbed Hightree with ease to reach her announcement branch. "All cats old enough to catch prey, gather under the Hightree for a Clan meeting!" She yowled. Once they had gathered, she began the meeting. "I say these words before StarClan, so that the spirits of our warrior ancestors may hear and approve of my choice. The new deputy of Breezeclan is Cloverfall." Willowstar mewled. After a minute, she climbed down from the Hightree.

WillowStar, Leader of Breezeclan
Love Interest: Maybe if I wasn't a leader.
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EchoFrost, Warrior of Iceclan
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OwlFeather, Warrior of Stormclan
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Dawn, Loner Kit
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SilverStep, Warrior of Nightclan
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Clan Deputy
Clan Deputy

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PostSubject: Re: Deputy Ceremony   Deputy Ceremony EmptyMon Apr 21, 2014 10:04 am

"What?!? Me?" Cloverfall asked quietly. She was suprised at Willowstar's choice but didn't argue and was determined to do her best.
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Deputy Ceremony
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